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Who is zack ryder dating in real life

Sergio created a velvet pussy for Barak’s enjoyment and was rewarded with a sticky load of sperm!Watch Barak at New York Straight Ben had been lusting after Josh, the Ginger Giant ever since he first appeared on NYSM. We thought it would be hot to see one redhead on another and we were right!

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Watch ‘Boots in Bed’ at New York Straight Ralph needed some financial assistance and we were happy to help him out, like we did with Nick last summer.Watch Josh & Ben at New York Straight Our old friend Donal has returned, much to our viewer’s and cocksucker’s delight! He is still a mechanic up near Yankee Stadium, in the Bronx.He has had a few girlfriends since we last saw him, but now he is in between “bitches” as he calls them.Watch Ralph & Aaron at New York Straight We got a phone call from our hot Turkish friend, his first words were “I need a mouth”.He further explained that he needed a warm wet mouth that felt like a velvet pussy. We thought Josh was really hot because of his amazingly toned body, his piercing blue eyes, his locks of strawberry blond hair but what really got us was his ginger beard and his full bush of ginger pubes! Okay that is his nickname but he has had it all his life I wanted to use it.

Josh is 34 and restores old sculptures in Brooklyn.

We took Ryder to a place where he has never been and wasn’t completely comfortable going. Ryder is such a stunning guy we wanted to exploit the situation as much as we could.

Watch Ryder & Trey at New York Straight Men Demitri is one of those guys that NEEDS a blowjob on a regular basis or he can’t function and Trey was as hungry for cock as Dimetri was hankering for head…

(maybe the male customers might be afraid to ask Ryder if they could blow him?? Watch Trey Sucks Ryder’s Cock at New York Straight Men Dave, the real life urban cowboy is back in the city!

He spent the last 6 months upstate working on a ranch owned by his Uncle.

Watch Dimetri (Chemistry Test) at New York Straight Men Frankie stopped by for a blowjob one Sunday that turned into much more!