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Williamsburg dating

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With four centuries of history dating back to the 17th century, this region contains an incredible amount of significant events.

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Although the Historic Triangle is full of fun educational opportunities, there are numerous activities to do around Williamsburg that go beyond uncovering history.The Chesapeake House is filled of mysteries like that, scraped away like paint until a garish glaze of truth, a secret nail, a loose piece of wallpaper, is revealed.“Sometimes when we go look at these old buildings,” Lounsbury says, “We think we know what the story is, but the more we look the more confused we get.” Here’s some bad news right off the bat: Early Virginia was not exactly like the scenes you see depicted at the many restored residences overseen by the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, which was founded in 1927 by John D.You will find a wide variety of specialty shops, unique boutiques and large shopping malls throughout the area offering anything and everything you are seeking.If you’ve got food on your mind, partake in a delicious dish at one of the many unique restaurants in the area.Seafood dishes are as bountiful as the sea and a variety of international cuisine to satisfy your cravings.

For the confection junkie, Williamsburg is home to the finest cupcakeries, candy shops, ice cream joints and bakeries where you will find freshly drizzled, dipped and frosted sweets.

Their groundbreaking research has been compiled into a new book, The Chesapeake House.

Beautifully designed with hundreds of photographs, period landscape paintings and floor plans, The Chesapeake House isn’t just a coffee table tome about the Coastal Virginia region’s stately buildings, it’s a look at the CW Foundation’s ongoing puzzle-solving.

For all those thrill seekers, several amusement parks are just a short distance away.

There’s also tons of outdoor excitement—from ziplining to biking and hiking.

No matter how you spend your time in the Historic Triangle and beyond, chances are you will never want to leave!