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Women dating in ghana

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Lydia Forson She is an actress, movie producer and women’s activist.She is one of the most sought-after women in Ghana.

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A man wants to take credit for his woman's happiness. One of the commonest complaints marriage counsellors get goes like this: "He was so loving in our early days. He wants to put his work first and be successful before he can be a good leader and provide for the physical and emotional needs of his wife. Whatever you gain for her could be useless if it destroys the health of the relationship.Women connect to their husband more when we hear them telling us how beautiful, sexy, hot and cute we are. It makes us feel good and confident about ourselves. But let’s put the cliched “money-loving” attitude of Ghanaian women aside and talk about something else.The definition of romance in Ghana is very different than the rest of the world.In Ghana, it means using your girlfriend’s picture as your display picture, making it public on social media pages and most importantly buying her gadgets and gifts.Trust us on this, most Ghanaian women are in love or have a crush on their bosses and supervisors.

If you date someone younger than you, especially the girls in SHS, all you get is “send me credit”.

She told Graphic Showbiz in 2014 that she was engaged, but did not disclose the identity of her man.

“I don’t believe in celebrities publicly displaying their love-affairs because it attracts attention.

Affectionately called the “queen of the airwaves”, she is shockingly still single. Yvonne Nelson The actress and movie producer stated in an interview this year that she was single because she did not want to rush into marriage and rush out.

Yvonne who was brought up by a single mother said she did not want her children to go through her experience.

For a woman romance is very important indicator of the health of a relationship. If he has to go to the thick forest deep in the night, stand still for hours, crawl on his belly, he will do so. It is also known that a Ghanaian woman will run away from a potential lover whether she likes him or not.