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It might also lead to the beginnings of INTJ social anxiety.

Guys, Discover Insider Dating Tips From A Woman: One night, I sat up late reading email after email from attractive, witty guys who were single and ready to date, and instead of being impressed and enraptured, I began to wonder what on earth was going wrong in the world.You see, these emails were not the typical online dating messages.They weren't asking me out on dates, or vying for desire or attention.She isn’t interested in hugs or kisses or sharing feelings.It’s likely the INTJ girl will socialize (when necessary) with boys, where “touchy-feely” activities are less common.They were sent from great guys, who no matter what they tried, always seemed to find that beautiful women ended up dating jerks and never calling them back.

INTJ women are one of the most flexible and interesting characters of the MBTI personality types.

If an INTJ girl is self-confident enough, she will make lifetime goals and plan for success.

Others may not deal with the lack of support as well, losing themselves in anxiety or even depression.

As a result, it can be difficult to find peers with whom she shares enough common interests to found a deep or lasting relationship on.

A female INTJ teen’s capacity for handling difficulties like this largely depends on the depth of character and self-respect cultivated earlier in life, during the childhood years.

The INTJ girl may experience bullying from other girls in her age range for not adhering to societal norms because her actions will appear to others more like those expected from a boy.