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Www social dating com

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In the online dating business where new sites close as quickly as they open and only a handful have mastered the art of matchmaking, a new generation of services is courting the billion-dollar industry by leveraging all that personal information on social networks.

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In a way, its goal is to challenge the shop-and-go spirit of the classifieds system, Black Box Republic CEO Sam Lawrence said."I'm surprised that no one had built it before me because it makes total sense." Gelato is a service that lets users create their profiles based on information from services like Twitter, Facebook, Hulu, Netflix and That way, other users can see in real time the last post someone made or the movies someone else recently saw.They simply sign up, show up, and leave the rest to us!We have found that when you are having a great time in a fun and comfortable environment, meeting new friends and developing new relationships is easy and natural.Our professional event planners arrange activities that vary widely to cover all interests.

Our thousands of members decide what they want to do.

For instance, almost two-thirds of the 30 million users on Zoosk, an online dating site in San Francisco, are younger than 30.

The Web site claims to be the first site in a new category: social dating, a combination of social networks and online dating.

We built this from the ground up to really marry the social space and the dating space and making it about your personal life." Big online dating players like have flirted with ways of leveraging social networks, but in general, they are confident in their methods and mostly focus their efforts on improving them.

Online Dating editor Dave Evans said it is difficult to break into a market dominated by 30 or so players as acquisition costs - the cost of attracting one new user - have skyrocketed to the point where only the big players can afford the price.

"In real life you're not in a mission to find your soul mate," he said.