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Xbox updating libraries

xbox updating libraries-57

It's the lowest shader version so any video should work.As a side effect of this change, there is only a geometrizer now, so the Geometrizer opion in the ini file is not used.

- Added LUA script support for options, cheats and other uses (check model2in SCRIPTS folder) - Added texture replacement support (check model2in SCRIPTS folder) - Added widescreen support (needs per-game lua scripts to know when to enable it).You'll need these table roms in Model2or inside the game zip.Thanks to Peabo for the donation of a Daytona board that helped to understand how they worked.- Fixed I960 bug that caused daytona invisible walls/holes in the road. This setting will cause the emu to return to neutral when no gear button is pressed. Read some other options there to tell the emu how to map a mouse to a player.- Fixed timer bug that caused missing hair in Fighting vipers, tails in sonic and slow cars in Sega Rally (although they still don't work properly). - Redone rasterizer color decoding and texture mapping. When using Raw Input the mouse will be locked to the emulator window.Here is the usual (a) version fixing bugs in the previous release :) - Fixed missing trigger buttons in gun games - Fixed desert tank locked into test mode - Improved main cpu/sound cpu sync in Model2 Original games. - Fixed network board detection for sgt24h and overrev.

Now you don't need to enable network to have them boot. You need to enable it in the using the option Enable FF=1 in the Input section.

As a bonus feature I've left in a debug sound player that allows you to load a SSF (Saturn Sound Format) file for playing.

To use it, load a game using SCSP (model 2a,b or c) and enter test mode (so it doesn't send sound commands) then press Left Control F5 and choose the ssf file to play. By moving to vertex/pixel shaders I've got rid of all the clipping issues that happened with ATI video cards and recent NVIDIA ones.

Remember to remove set Software Vertex Processing to 0.

You'll need a pixel shader 1.1 and vertex shader 1.1 capable card.

- Added optional meshed polygons for translucency (like the hardware does). This option requires a Pixel Shader 3 capable videocard. I've added this so I can ask for states to try to fix the invisible walls problem in daytona.