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Xml schema validating parser

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But remember that if you use some includes the parsing task becomes IO bound.

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Params Scope: inner class of libxml-xsd ###schema.validate(source, [callback]) Validate a XML document over a schema If no callback is given the function will run synchronously and return the result or throw an error.If the loading was successful, a QXml Schema Validator is instanciated and the schema passed in the constructor.A call to validate() will validate the passed XML instance data against the XML schema.The node-gyp version bundled in your npm will have to be greater than 0.13.0, so you might have to follow these instructions to upgrade.There is no system dependancy otherwise as libxml is bundled by libxmljs.The XML Schema Validation example shows how to use Qt XML Patterns to validate XML with a W3C XML Schema.

The example application shows different XML schema definitions and for every definition two XML instance documents, one that is valid according to the schema and one that is not.

bindings for XSD validation from libxml Members ###new libxml-xsd~Schema(schema Doc, schema Obj) A compiled schema.

Do not call this constructor, instead use parse or parse File.

After the QXml Schema is instanciated and the message handler set on it, the load() method is called with the schema data as argument.

If the schema is invalid or a parsing error has occurred, is Valid() returns .

Then it creates an instance of the mainwindow class, shows it, and starts the Qt event loop: slot the content of the instance selection is adapted to the selected schema and the corresponding schema is loaded from the resource file and displayed in the schema viewer.