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Yahoo widgets not updating

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When rolled over with the mouse, the dock helps users manage their widgets with buttons to close a widget, show a widget's preferences, and reveal a widget from the head-up display.

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Yahoo Widgets uses Java Script in order to run smoothly.This causes all widgets to be brought to the foreground, and all other applications to be dimmed.Widgets can also be set to be Konsposé-only, meaning that they will only appear when Konsposé is activated.Since its transition to a free Yahoo supported application widget customization has never been easier for Windows users.For those who regularly utilize Yahoo's services and want to have access to many of their most needed web resources on the desktop, Yahoo Widgets are an invaluable tool.Yahoo was among the industry leaders in being one of the first companies to embrace the technological possibilities of the widget.

As Konfabulator, the application was somewhat pricey, costing those who wished to own it $24.95.

In addition, calendars, desktop searching tools and clocks become available to the user. Yahoo Widgets gives Windows users an unparalleled desktop browsing experience.

For those who are unfamiliar with widgets, they are accessories to your applications that perform a specific duty.

With Yahoo Widgets, users are granted the ability to add several different widgets to their computer.

By doing so, up to date access to news and weather reports come up on the desktop.

As of Yahoo Widget Engine 4.0, SQLite has been included in the engine, allowing developers to create and modify databases.