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Zach levi and yvonne strahovski dating

She was born to father Peter Strzechowski and mother Bozena Strzechowski. She is an Australian by nationality and holds Polish ethnicity. Yvonne is active on different social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.Her father Peter is an electronic engineer and her mother is a lab technician. As regards of her childhood, she was interested in the field of arts. Currently she holds more than 234k followers on Instagram.

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A lot of kids—aspiring actors—come up to me and ask for one bit of advice, and I always say theater. I think a lot of young actors want to skip to the riches and fame and fortune of TV and movies, but you don’t ever learn how to build a character like you do in theater.Frederick Frankenstein in Young Frankenstein, but had to pass when Chuck got picked up.I’m really glad I had no say in it, because at one point, I honestly had no idea what to do. Never did I think I would get that job, and I’m assuming that a fair amount of people were like, “Who is this schmuck Mel Brooks wanted to play the lead in this musical?I had booked the pilot for Chuck but we hadn’t shot it yet, so my agent said, “While we’re waiting, Mel Brooks is doing Young Frankenstein on Broadway. " But the decision was made for me because the Chuck pilot was in first position.I hope I get to work for Mel and Susan [Stroman] one day. I wish I was young enough to play Huck in Big River.There was so much talent in that cast, but it wasn’t my fate. I would love to do a role where I get to break the fourth wall a lot.

I remember seeing The Boy From Oz and how engaging and charming Hugh Jackman was. I believe wholeheartedly that the little production we did in Ojai at Libbey Bowl could translate to a Broadway stage. Especially if I can simultaneously breathe some new, fun energy into it.

Your Chuck co-star Yvonne Strahovski made her Broadway debut last season. I was in London the whole time she was doing it, but everyone said she was fantastic. I’d like to experience different things—a musical, a comedy, a drama—and I just love the city so much.

I’m trying to get her to do another show, because I’m planning on being here for a while. How has the Broadway experience compared to your expectations of it?

But with Tangled, adults come to me and say, “You haunt me.

I’ve heard your voice three times a day because my kids won’t stop watching Tangled.” I never feel like I have to apologize for it because although they kind of rib me for it, they actually like the movie, too. I love Yvonne and I wish I could have seen her in Golden Boy.

So suffice it to say, you’ve found a home on Broadway.